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Endocrinology Associates, understands the danger the COVID-19 pandemic poses to our community. We recommend that all of our patients stay home unless absolutely necessary. We have sent our staff and most of the physicians to work from home so we will remain fully functioning, while doing our part practice social distancing and flatten the curve. We are lucky to have such a wonderful staff who has been able to pivot on a dime and make our move to a virtual office possible.

This will be our new normal for at least the month of May, and possibly into the summer. WE ARE HERE TO HELP. We have moved our office to a fully functioning web based TELE-MEDICINE platform. Feedback from patients thus far has been positive.

If you are new patient or due for a visit, we are happy to schedule your virtual visit. You will be able to see the doctor in real time and we can evaluate your symptoms. In most cases, we can make assessments and outline treatment plans without blood work.

This is a new frontier for all of us. We will work together to flatten the curve and come out the other end healthy!


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