For higher risk patients (i.e. those with Diabetes, Cushing's Syndrome, Adrenal insufficiency and those who are over 65, we continue to insist on telemedicine visits. 


For patients in need of injections (such as Prolia), or those in need of thyroid ultrasound or biopsy (FNA), we have started to offer in office visits. 


We have also started to offer blood draw in our office twice/week. 


To keep our patients and staff safe, we have made a few change to the office, and have implemented new policies.  

IMG_2977 (1)

Plexiglass Protective Barrier

IMG_2978 (1)

'New' waiting room with 6' separation between chairs


Plexiglass Protective Barrier

Surgical Mask

All doctors, staff and patients must wear masks

Holding Thermometer

All doctors, staff, patients and visitors will have temperature checked on entry to the building

Female Patient

We will be limiting the number of in person visits per day to minimize potential exposure


Given the developing COVID 19 pandemic, our office is offering telemedicine visits for new and established patients. 


We continue to be committed to our patients, and here to help in this difficult time!

For more information and to set up an appointment, please call our office: 

(305) 665-2300

 Dr. Lara Paraskos on AllHealthTV 

Dr. Lara Paraskos on AllHealth TV

Eversense CGM

Dr Paraskos is now inserting Eversence Continuous Glucose Monitor